Fat Girl’s Guide to Cycling

Let’s face it–cycling clothes are generally made for women who are, well, thin. It seems like if you’re above a size 12 (maybe a 14), finding cute cycling clothes that fit is almost impossible. And if you’re doing any sort of serious cycling, you want actual cycling clothes. Sure, liners will suffice if you have no other choice, but God knows the chamois in those isn’t exactly the best (and just because fat girls might have a little more padding in our backsides doesn’t mean we don’t need a nice chamois, too–saddles can get mighty uncomfortable!).

Over time, I want to update this page with products I (a fat chick cyclist) have found fit, are good quality, are cute (because come on, ugly, plain Jane cycling clothes are boring), and more importantly perform. No matter how cute something is or how well it fits, if it doesn’t perform well, there’s no point in spending your hard-earned cash on it.

Some things I post might be tandem-specific, but most things will probably be geared completely towards my fellow Athenas (I find it funny that I’m classified as that considering I’m 5’2″, but whatever).