A Girl’s Guide to Hunting

I have a confession to make: I’ve never hunted before. Sure, I grew up camping and fishing, but the only living thing I’ve ever shot was a snapping turtle. With a pellet gun.


Bambi looks like he’s developing into a nice buck

Hunting just wasn’t something I grew up around, for a myriad of reasons. I guess partially because of that, my thoughts on hunting were along the lines of, “But I could never shoot Bambi!” And honestly, if you’d told me even a few years ago that I would own my very own shotgun and rifle, I would have thought you were crazy. Well, to be fair, I’ve had my shotgun for a few years, but up until now the only thing I’ve used it for is shooting clays. In just a few weeks, though, she’ll be used to shoot dove. Which I’ve heard is a lot more challenging than clays.

So with that confession, you’re probably asking yourself, “So what makes you enough of an authority to call this ‘Girls’ Guide to Hunting’?”

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

But that nothing, in a way, is what this is all about.

See, I know I’m not the only female who will be hunting for the first time come September or November. Hell, the fact that my Hunter Safety Course was half female proves that. The statistics, too, back it up. The numbers of female hunters are increasing rapidly–in some states there are more new female hunters than male hunters (including kids and teens).

I’m willing to bet I’m not the only first-time female hunter who’s both excited yet anxious about her first time out in the field. I think there are some of us still grappling with the thought of shooting Bambi, while others are totally squicked out at the thought of field dressing a deer (I know I am–and warning, the video I linked to is graphic). Others are probably wondering and worrying about finding camo (again, I know I am–I’m 5’2″ and a size 14–but I’ve heard good things about Prois), and there’s always the difficulty of being a chick who needs to pee without a toilet in sight.

So I encourage you to join me on this adventure. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an old hat by now, my goal is to inform, entertain and share, and to give us female hunters a place to talk about the hunting stuff our husbands laugh at us about (seriously, when I mention the whole gotta-pee-while-in-the-blind thing, he just laughs and tells me I’ll have to hold it).

In the meantime, here’s to Bambi (and a few of his friends).